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Annie Blackford - Success Stories

For most of my adult life, I was slim and never had to exercise. My fitness journey really started because I wanted to be in better shape. I tried a couple of trainers over the years who were good but not great. And, because of modest results with quite a bit of effort, I was never really committed to them. Finally, I got with Annie because I became a member at the gym where she was the training manager. From the start, Annie was very attentive, thoughtful and planful. She asked questions, offered guidance, and really focused on what I was hoping to achieve – getting more fit and building strength. And she wasn’t just focused on physical fitness. She was also extremely helpful with nutrition and overall health and well being. Annie is a pro. She is all business and takes her role as a personal trainer very seriously. She’s also an inspiration. I saw her dedication to her own personal fitness multiple times when she would work out while I was at the gym. She walks her talk. But, she’s also enjoyable to talk with during the workout. I looked forward to every session and I was committed to doing what she recommended between sessions. We relocated to the South Bay which was just a bit too far for us to maintain a schedule with her. But, Annie truly changed my life and I still use many of the lessons and techniques that she helped me with.
Crystal H.

Annie knows her stuff and she made working out something I looked forward to! I wanted to get in shape and have more strength. Annie not only helped me get there but made it a fun process. While I could work out on my own, making the commitment to meet with with Annie helped me stay on track and avoid getting side-tracked by “more important things”. I loved that I didn’t have to think about what to do – I just had to show up. Annie always mixed things up – no workout was ever the same. I treasured every workout with Annie because of her knowledge, her help getting me in shape, and her company.
Ann J.

Annie has been my personal trainer and fitness coach for quite awhile. She worked up a personal program that was challenging but not daunting. She motivated me during my weight loss journey of over 100 pounds, keeping me on track to be in the best shape I’ve been in years. What I like about her is she’s patient and encouraging, but tough. She keeps me motivated, which isn’t easy because I hate (HATE!) working out.

Annie was quick to recognize what muscle groups I needed to work on, where I needed to stretch more. She took my age and personal lifestyle into consideration and really listened when we discussed what my goals were, and suggested some I hadn’t considered. I didn’t think I needed a personal trainer, I thought I could do it myself, but she brought a focus to my workouts and motivated me to keep working at it. I really feel her experience as a trainer is invaluable in providing a very high-level service.
Julie W.

Annie has been my physical trainer for a number years. She is always professional and conscientious. I moved away from LA for a period of time and had other trainers but upon returning went back to work with Annie. I found her workouts well rounded, creative, and challenging. Most importantly, I see visible results and my doctor commented on how good I look. If you are willing to do the work and stick to it, Annie is the trainer you have been looking for.
Nick S.

When I first met Annie I was overweight and pre-diabetic. I knew I needed assistance and could not do it alone. Annie was the perfect fit for my lifestyle/body/health requests, and right away she encouraged me in just the way I needed it. I trust Annie’s knowledge to the fullest. She listens to me and my body and pushes me outside of my comfort zone to be able to see real results. Getting to the gym is challenging. Life/work/kids can be so mentally exhausting, but having the right mindset to get in a good training session is key and Annie helps me by always keeping me on track and mentally focused to follow through with nutrition and workouts. Thanks to working with Annie, I am no longer pre-diabetic. My body feels great and I feel stronger than I ever thought I would. I feel amazing knowing that I am a good positive example for my children and have shown them that anything is possible with a growth mindset and the right structured plan.
Melissa M.